Message to My Future loved wife

I’m not as tall because the different guys, however, I’ll make certain I will kiss you on your forehead as usually as you wish.

My skin has blemishes; however, I’m making an attempt my best to keep up correct hygiene. I hope that counts for one thing.

I’m not as handsome as those leading men that you simply see in movies, however, I’m funny. I hope funny is okay with you.

I’m not that robust. However, I will open a bottle of condiment after we eat fries throughout flick nights.

I don’t have a well-toned body. However, I attempt to keep myself healthy by exercise and different activities like hiking.

Because I do know that I even have to require care of myself so as to require care of you too.

Going to the gymnasium with you’d be an excellent possibility tho’.

My eyes aren’t terribly sharp, however, I promise that my eyes can forever appreciate and appearance at you.

I’m not forever smart with words and that I might not forever have the answers or words to cheer you up, however, my ears can forever be able to listen.

I’m not an excellent singer. However, I’m willing to sing any song for you regardless if I hit the correct notes or not. As long as you’ll be happy.

I dance once I was young. However, I’m willing to still dance for you even once we’re older if that may cause you to smile.

I’m not gaudy. However, I like art. I hope you’re fine with artists.

I’m not made. However, I’m operating. And I’ll work for our future family.

I don’t have properties. However, I even have plans and that I hope you’re willing to create with ME.

I don’t have an automobile. Well, a minimum of not nonetheless. However, I prefer to run. Walks area unit romantic, right? I’m fine with piggy rides too as long as you let ME rest once required.

I may not be able to offer you valuable gifts monthly, however, I’ll be artistic.

I may not be able to take you to howl vacations however I’m willing to wish and believe for those things with you.

We could ne’er get the prospect to vex fancy restaurants however I will cook. I’ll cook for you.

I may not forever be able to offer you flowers or chocolates once you’re down however I’ll offer you my time. I hope my presence throughout those times would cause you to happy or a minimum of affirming you that I’m here for you.

I may not be able to meet all of your expectations however I’ll make certain to place my best effort.

I haven’t patterned everything out nonetheless however I’m and can perpetually be asking God on a way to properly lead you, shield you, and love you. I hope you’re okay therewith though I fail typically.

I still have struggled with some areas of my life. However, I’ll be fighting and that I can ne’er hand over. Particularly if it’s concerning the 2 people.

I’m excited to try and do several things with you.

To browse books with you.

To play video games with you.

To cry with you.

To laugh with you.

To stare at you and be glad to God as a result of you’re an extension of His grace.

To worship God with you.

To honor Him with our relationship.

And plenty of different things that I’m wanting forward to try and do with you.

But until then, I’ll be waiting.

I’ll be praying.

I’ll be making ready.

I’ll be running towards God.

Because I do know you’ll try this too.

And once the time comes, we’ll be in front of the altar.

At the correct time.

At the correct season.

In God’s excellent temporal arrangement.

We will be one.

Because God has been making ready the United States each and he can sure as shooting bring the United States along.

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