Greek cat sanctuary hiring a caretaker to measure on an island, supervise fifty-five cats

Greek cat

If you like cats and island living, your dream job has formally arrived.
If you like cats and island living, your dream job has formally arrived. (iStock)

It seems dreams very do return true, a minimum of for cat lovers.

Earlier on, a company called God’s very little folks Cat Rescue proclaimed it’s hiring a brand new caretaker to administer its cat sanctuary and to require care of its few dozen kittens.

The job posting looks traditional enough till you learn that the sanctuary isn’t in some unhappy brick building lined with cages, however, is instead placed on the gorgeous Greek island of Syros, wherever all the cats run free.

“A terribly special position and living circumstance on the supply on a touch Greek island known as Syros (a tiny paradise no less!) for a mature and genuinely fervid cat lover WHO is aware of the way to handle several cats and would love their company,” the task posting declared. It accessorial that they’re specifically on the search for somebody WHO will “take over the daily running of my Greek cat sanctuary in my absence. you’ll have fifty-five cats in your care and wish to be able to summarize all of them + feed and medicate (big accessorial bonus if you’re trained vet. nurse!).”

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With the task, you’ll not solely have the love of the many cats, however, you’ll even have a completely got, trendy very little house with its own garden that conjointly contains a read of the sea and a little remuneration in addition.

Moreover, you’ll have any time to explore, because the job is simply four hours daily.

Those wanting to use should even be able to drive a manual automotive, as that’s all that’s provided on the island. candidates should even be pleased with frequent visits from tourists within the summer months.

“We area unit placed in a very secluded nature preserved space that is extremely tranquil and quiet within the winter time however busy throughout the summer. You’ll little doubt thrive best if you’re the kind of one who appreciates nature and likes tranquility – and rest well in your own company,” the listing says. “That said, you’ll ne’er feel lonely within the company of the cats and you’ll be expected to measure with a little few cats in your house.”

According to the posting, this job is probably going most fitted for those that area unit forty-five years archaic or older, and somebody WHO is “responsible, reliable, honest, much inclined – and very, with a heart of gold!”

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